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We promote primary health care by providing cost-effective and high-standard curative, preventative, and rehabilitative services in the nation. Our doctors in the clinic are highly trained, certified and experienced as family medicine physicians. They are extremely skilled at treating people relating to all ages, be it, infants, children, adults or the elderly with care and compassion which they deserve.

We envision a system

We envision a system that will ensure access and awareness of primary medical care, culturally competent preventative, support services and high standard which reflect effectively to the emerging needs of the society along with reducing stigmas.

The doctors provide personal and comprehensive health cared not only during the time of unwellness but also in health to focus on the prevention of disease in order to promote health.
Dr. Anderson

Services We Provide

We provide a variety of checks for both males and females. Some of these include immunization for adults and children, well-baby clinics, counseling for self-relaxation along with pain management and stress management. 

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care for the terminally ill

Annual checkups, health insurance examinations, pre-employment check-ups, pre-immigration medicals, geriatric clinics for the elderly, and care for the terminally ill. Patients can take advantage of the health packages offered by Family Health, that are designed to meet the needs of patients depending on their age, disease status, and lifestyle. These packages include but are not limited to, the Executive Clinic, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Over 50 years and Pre-Marital Screening. All of the services provided to you and your provided information is highly confidential.  


Information on Barber Shops in Brisbane
Information on Barber Shops in Brisbane

Barbershops are found in almost every corner of Brisbane city. They offer services related to men’s hair and other grooming services. A barber is a person responsible for cutting or grooming a man. Barbers shops are in high competition for customers. Therefore, to win customers, they have to be creative with the styles they provide and regularly try to align themselves with what is trending on the market. This article focuses on barbershops and the different types of services they provide to their clients.

Services rendered to clients

The following are typical services offered in most barbershops:

Haircut – the barber will take your request and cut your hair based on your provided information. Most people visit barbershops for haircuts because they give a wide range of styles to choose from.

Conditioning – you can also visit a barbershop when in need of hair conditioning. It will be economical since they have the necessary resources to carry out the work at an affordable price.

Moustache and eyebrow trim – if you are not comfortable shaving your mustache, you can also employ the services of a barber. They will take your requirements and illuminate it into something magnificent that you cannot do it alone.

Massage – some shops will provide you with a shoulder massage as “after-sale-service”. It gives you relaxation and pleasure.

Beard trim – Beards can be tricky to trim by yourself. You can get the experts’ assistance to prevent cutting oneself or developing rushes as a result of rough trimming.

Waxing – helps to remove unwanted matters from the skin. It makes the skin smooth and healthy.

Qualities of a good barbershop

There are several barbershops within Brisbane. However, the quality of services differs from one barber shop in Brisbane to the next. Therefore, consider the following crucial tips when visiting a barbershop.

Skilled workers – the shop must have a group of talented workers capable of meeting your needs from the explanation you provide.

Reasonable pricing – excellent barbershop must not charge their clients too much. They should give a sensible price that will attract more customers their way.

Versatile – a good barbershop offers several services and the option for a client to select from several styles. It helps to win many customers with different needs.

Licensed – the shop engages in commercial endeavours and needs a relevant certificate from the authorities to approve their work.

They should be adaptable – they should be quick to adapt to changes that arise in their work. Styles are invented every minute, and barbers need to find out the latest techniques or skills to keep up with the customers’ needs. Most customers will follow suit on what is trending.

The above are the major points to note about barbershops and their services

To sum up, barbershops are excellent places for men to attend when in need of grooming services. It is much cheaper because considering buying the tools and use them at home is expensive. However, you will only pay for the barber shop’s services, and the rest of the costs will remain with the barber or the owner for that matter.

Brisbane is a city of well-experienced barbers, and their shops can easily be found on their official sites if they happen to have one. The Internet is an excellent place to advertise skills, and it helps win customers and gain their loyalty.

Qualities to look out for in a medical equipment supplier
Qualities to look out for in a medical equipment supplier

The process of finding the right medical equipment supplier is not a walk in the park, especially when there are several options to choose from. Remember choosing the right medical equipment supplier for your facility is like choosing a long-term partner. Finding the right medical equipment supplier is one step forward in limiting product defects and improving product quality whenever you place an order. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong medical equipment supplier will lead to delays, substandard quality, and frequent product returns.

Here are some of the best qualities and characteristics to look out for in a medical equipment supplier before settling for one.

  • Quality accountability: admitting a mistake can be a problem for many suppliers across different niches. But a supplier who takes the responsibility for quality issues is a dope. Quality issues are most sensitive in any venture, and any supplier who admits to quality issues and works towards resolving the matter at hand and in future orders is considered the best. A supplier who doesn’t want to admit quality issues responsibility will deflect to others, blaming it on third-parties. They won’t easily own up, leading to further damages like deadlines, or requirements.
  • Product descriptions and capabilities: a supplier who meets an exact product description without overlooking any vital consideration adds value to the chain. You should deal with suppliers who meet the quality standards and requirements without a fuss. Those who are registered with a quality control organisation are a good fit to trade with. You will only ascertain that a supplier meets the quality standards by visiting them. Ensure their quality management processes are guided by ISO 9001 or similar quality standards. A good medical equipment supplier will allow you to visit their production zones and perform audits to verify claims. Those who do not allow have something to hide, and you should have a reason to be sceptical.
  • Specialise in one product type: suppliers who specialise in one line of production have adverse experience than those who deal with multiple products. If a supplier is a specialist in a line of production, defects and issues are likely to be minimal if any because they always strive to improve the same product taking into consideration customer feedback. You will know the supplier is a specialist in a specific product by vetting them thoroughly before dealing with them.
  • Culture fit: if you find a supplier who’s willing to work with you to ensure success for both parties, know you are in the right direction. It is key to work with a supplier whose goals align with yours – choosing a supplier with greater dreams than yours will always lead to your business being overlooked when they get big orders from higher-ranking customers leading to delays on your side.
  • Communication barriers: if you are working with a supplier who does not speak the same language as you, it will be difficult doing business. This could lead to misunderstanding or incorrect orders and deliveries, which brings inconveniences for both parties. While choosing a medical equipment supplier, make sure their staff speak the same language as you do before accepting to do business.
  • Ethical compliance: you will want to deal with a supplier who complies with ethical requirements. You won’t trade with someone who mistreats their staff.  
Why Should You Seek a Chiropractor During Pregnancy
Why Should You Seek a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Usually, it becomes quite difficult for women to find physical comfort, resulting in many issues if left unaddressed. As the baby continues to develop and grow, a lot of things adjust and shift to make space. Ultimately, a lot of stress is placed on the muscles and nerves in a way, which is not regularly experienced. Moreover, while the process may be exciting and joyous for the mother, the addition of the strain on your body can make completing many daily responsibilities a challenge.
Luckily, you do not have to resort to medication to alleviate the situation, rather you can seek out a professional chiropractor to promote health and enhance your comfort. Let us look at the top benefits you stand to enjoy from chiropractor assistance during pregnancy.

Pain relief

Pain in the lower back is one of the most common complaints from pregnant women. As the baby grows, your body will continue to shift and make room for it, which ultimately puts a lot of stress on the lower back and causes tension in the muscles of the lower back.
With regular appointments, you can treat misalignments and remove the pressure from your back, which causes this pain. It also keeps you from resorting to medication as you are already treating the symptoms rather than suppressing them.
You will feel many pains popping up all over the body. The round ligament pain can be unbearable for many. Luckily, it can all be treated with regular treatments.

Weight gain

A surely dreaded part of pregnancy is the weight gain that comes with it. The increased weight can be found everywhere but it will be mainly concentrated in the abdominal region. This increased weight puts a lot of pressure on your spine. With prenatal chiropractic treatment, your body is better able to increase and it will help you get used to your baby bump easily.

Shorter delivery

Everyone has heard of those long labors along with marathon deliveries, and everyone hopes to avoid them and go through a smooth delivery and short labor.
With the help of a good chiropractor sydney during pregnancy, your chances of experiencing one increases by a huge percentage. Since your body will be in a natural position, the baby will be in an optimal position for a natural birth. The need for having a C-section will also be greatly reduced.

Changes in walking patterns

Usually noticeable in the third trimester of pregnancy, as the baby enters the pelvic inlet, triggering mechanical and spinal changes. As the baby grows, it limits the ability of the sacrum, to make room for freely rocking back and forth.
This is something we can easily identify and through prenatal chiropractic treatments, encourages a more natural motion of the sacrum.

Childbirth in the human species: term, preterm, post-term, abortion
Childbirth in the human species: term, preterm, post-term, abortion

The childbirth in the human species , as in all mammals, can be defined as ” the expulsion of the fetus from the maternal genital organs at the end of pregnancy ” (Treccani, Dictionary of Medicine). It can occur due to a series of natural processes or through obstetric operations and, depending on the time of pregnancy in which it occurs, is considered a term, preterm (premature or early) or post-term (late).

Calculating the date of birth at the beginning of pregnancy is therefore very important because, when the long awaited moment arrives, it is possible to immediately understand if the child is punctual, early or late and to intervene in the most appropriate way.

But how is the estimated date of birth calculated? And how do we proceed in the event of a term delivery, premature or late because mother and child are not at risk?

Pregnancy and gestation: what’s the difference?

The dating of the pregnancy , therefore the calculation of the presumed date of birth, is based on a precise parameter, or the first day of the last menstruation : it would be complex to rely on the moment of conception (spermatozoa can survive inside the uterus until to five days), too uncertain to define.

Gestation and pregnancy , commonly used as synonyms, refer to two different concepts :

  • The gestation period is the period from conception to birth of the child ;
  • the pregnancy is the period from the first day of your last period until delivery .

The waste is in the two weeks from the first day of the last menstrual cycle, which coincides with the beginning of pregnancy, to the 14th day (ovulation phase in which conception takes place), from which the calculation is started of the weeks of gestation.

Expected date of birth: how is it calculated?

The calculation of the weeks of pregnancy is therefore based on the gestational age (calculated on the basis of the last menstruation) , not on the conceptional age (calculated on the basis of the moment of conception, which is assumed to be two weeks later). It is an important element to monitor the development of the embryo and to understand if the growth parameters are in the norm . It also allows the estimated date of birth to be calculated.

To do this it is necessary to count 280 days (40 weeks) from the first day of the last menstruation, with an extra margin or in less than 15 days . A pregnancy is “normal” if it ends 3 weeks before or two weeks after the fortieth. In this case, we talk about term delivery.

If, on the other hand, the pregnancy lasts less, or continues far beyond the term, the birth will be preterm or post-term. We must also specify that, especially when the woman has normally irregular cycles, it is important to perform a date with an ultrasound scan at the beginning of pregnancy: measuring the length of the embryo is, in fact, the most reliable means of dating pregnancy.

Thyroid: what it is, dysfunctions, treatment and prevention
Thyroid: what it is, dysfunctions, treatment and prevention

The thyroid is a very important gland for your health because it behaves like a control unit that regulates, through the production of hormones, organs and functions fundamental to our body, such as metabolism , the cardiovascular system, the reproductive system .

The symptoms of hypothyroidism, that is a thyroid that does not work , can cause many disorders : among these, weight gain or loss, difficulty losing weight, insomnia, nervousness, tachycardia. But a thyroid disease can also cause infertility and, in pregnancy , put the health of mother and baby at risk.

There are no detailed epidemiological data, but it is estimated that in Italy there are about 6 million people who suffer from thyroid diseases , with a greater prevalence among women , more frequently after a pregnancy, and a higher incidence of hypothyroidism compared to hyperthyroidism.

What are the alarm bells that can make us understand that something in our thyroid does not work as it should? How to make a correct diagnosis and what are the most appropriate therapies? Let’s find out everything there is to know about this gland that is so crucial for our body.

Thyroid diseases

The most common pathologies, which can lead to an increase in thyroid volume (enlarged thyroid or goiter), are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism .


If the thyroid works too much and produces excessive amounts of hormones, the diagnosis will be hyperthyroidism .


Hyperthyroidism is accompanied by an accelerated metabolism. The typical symptoms that characterize it are:

  • slimming
  • nervousness
  • insomnia
  • intense sweating
  • tachycardia.

In those suffering from hyperthyroidism, energy consumption increases in an absolutely non-commensurate manner. Energy is dispersed in heat, which can cause a rise in body temperature and a consequent increase in sweating.

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